Market Research

Analyze consumer buying trends and flavor preferences. Evaluate competitor performance. Assist prioritizing market opportunities and risks. Calculate costs and benefits of building versus contract roasting

Brand Strategy

Assist with brand strategy to best position a business to take advantage of consumer and (if applicable) wholesale coffee market opportunities

Forecasting / Budgeting

Assist with the development of forecasts and budgets based on available market data

Coffee Flavor and Roast Profiles

Tasting and evaluation of national and international competitive coffees for competitive positioning

Price Strategy

Assist with the development of a consumer retail and wholesale price strategy model that maximizes profit

Regulatory Planning

Research regulations or other licensing requirements that may be necessary in your jurisdiction

Facilities Design and Engineering

Design and engineer green storage facilities, roasting facilities, finished product storage, quality control laboratory and all necessary equipment and tools that will be best suited to meet quality goals and production forecasts

Green Coffee Purchasing

Develop a green coffee purchasing plan with recommended origins and/or estates, as well as a calendar of seasonal available coffees and alternatives

Facility Engineering

Design and develop a roasting facility using our practical experience having operated and worked in similar facilities in other locations

Sustainability and Environment

Advise on coffee procurement from sustainable sources, coffee roaster air quality, environmental and sustainability issues, including opportunities for efficiency and LEED facility and process engineering


Bid Administration

Issue and evaluate requests for proposals, evaluate and / or locate best suppliers of coffee-related capital equipment (e.g. roaster, packaging machines), services and supplies

Quality Assessment

Assess and grade coffee samples for quality and taste, evaluate and approve samples for purchase and continue to provide those services on a long-term basis to ensure consistency


Specify the job functions of employees that will work at the facilities and, as appropriate, assist with candidate evaluation and hiring


Develop and specify daily procedures performed by each job role

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