Coffee industry consulting

Coffee Strategies is a coffee industry consulting firm led by Andrew Hetzel that provides value chain quality and international trade services for coffee exporters and business process consulting for coffee roasters. Our consultants are based worldwide and project teams assembled to meet the needs of every assignment. Our resources have expertise in most areas of coffee industry production and trade, including finance, coffee science and agronomy, sustainability and social or gender equity, best practices in coffee agriculture and processing, quality differentiation, logistics, brand development, marketing and international trade. Choose from any of the consulting service areas below or contact us for additional information.

Coffee value chain consulting

Consulting services to improve the value of coffee production and trade, from the analysis of production processes through technical services that increase coffee farm productivity and quality, and linkages to specialty coffee trade buyers.

Green coffee trade marketing

Business to business marketing: developing and implementing special events, including quality competitions, auctions, coffee industry festivals and conference programs, and buyer origin tours to educate and motivate smallholder farmers. Our coffee experts facilitate trade linkages with high value international buyers and public-private partnerships.

Roasting businesses

Coffee roaster consulting services to design, build or improve a roasting business, including the development of business processes, coffee buying, quality control and risk management.

Let us help you increase the value of coffee