What a touching holiday article! Some random, unnamed man offers to buy coffee for the patron behind him at -yet another Starbucks- this time in South Florida.

MIAMI, FL (WIS) – For those of you who complain about never hearing any good news, take a look at this.

A random act of kindness at a Starbucks in Florida caught on, and turned into a story of paying it forward.

It started Friday morning when one man paid for the coffee for the person in line behind him, and it went on all day.

Ironically, this chain of ‘nice’ started with anger.

The customer behind the man who started the whole this was honking and yelling at him. So the man, a tai chi master, responded with a bit of zen.

“It wasn’t an idea to pay anything forward. Of course I didn’t know that all this would happen and nor was it even a random act of kindness. It was something else it was a change of consciousness. It was my desire to take this negative and change it into something positive,” said the man.

The chain of paying for the car behind you lasted all day long.

…and then, the alleged man issues a press release statement on his anonymous act of kindness. Ahhh… what a country!

As the great comedian Yakov Smirnoff would say, “In America, customer in front pays for you at drive thru; in my country, customer in front pays for you at drive thru!”

The story is made even more heartwarming because it happened to at least a half dozen Starbucks across the country the same week last year, including reported events in Huntsville, AL, Riverside, CA, Bloomington, IN.

It also occurred this week in Pittsburgh, PA.

Who could possibly question that a some unnamed source would spontaneously use his own hard earned cash to create another ingenious public relations vehicle for your friendly local $15 billion coffee shop. Drink your free caramel macchiato and be quiet, the reporters are here.